Cassandra's Journey ~ Poems by Mark Hutten, M.A.

Sadness In All Your Shades—

My sadness, deep and profound,
You wrap me in your melancholy embrace,
A heavy shroud upon my heart,
Yet with you, I find a quiet solace.

In your somber depths, I seek refuge,
A haven in the stormy sea of emotion,
You are not the absence of joy,
But rather a companion in life's tumultuous motion.

With you, I am reminded of my humanity,
My capacity for depth and empathy,
You bring forth tears that cleanse my soul,
And allow me to confront my innermost complexity.

Though you may weigh heavy on my spirit,
I honor your place in the tapestry of emotions,
For in your presence, I find wisdom and introspection,
And the courage to navigate life's turbulent oceans.

So here's to you, sadness, in all your shades,
For in embracing you, I find my resilience,
And remember that in the ebb and flow of existence,
You are an essential part of the human experience.

Here's to Those Who Brave the Night—

Amidst the dark and weary days,
When shadows haunt and hope decays,
I find the strength to carry on,
To rise above and greet the dawn.

Though clouds may loom and troubles press,
I grasp for moments of gentle rest,
In simple joys and quiet grace,
I seek a refuge, a healing place.

Through tears and fears, I make my stand,
With trembling heart and trembling hand,
I face the demons, face the pain,
And dare to dream of light again.

In reaching out, in seeking aid,
I find a solace, unafraid,
For in the struggle, in the fight,
I glimpse a glimmer, a shining light.

Here's to those who brave the night,
Who find the strength to seek the light,
In facing battles, heart and mind,
In dealing with despair, we will find
The courage, the hope, the love, the way,
To live and thrive another day.

Hope Conquers All—

In the depths of despair, I found my strength,
A flickering flame in the shadow of fear,
I faced the darkness, embraced the pain,
And in my brokenness, I found my power.

Through tear-stained nights and endless battles,
I rose from the ashes, a warrior reborn,
Scars tell the story of triumph over tragedy,
A testament to resilience, a badge of honor.

Though the wounds may ache, I stand tall,
A survivor, a fighter, unbroken and brave,
I carry the weight of my past with grace,
For I am living proof that hope conquers all.

Finding Hope Through Sorrow's Cost—

Oh, how we grapple with the pain
When loss inflicts its heavy toll
In grief, we stand out in the rain
And search to find our wounded soul

But in the depths of our despair
We find a strength we didn't know
As memories rise with love to share
We learn to heal and start to grow

Though loss may haunt us through the years
We honor those we dearly miss
Their legacy will calm our tears
And fill our hearts with gentle bliss

So here's to dealing with the pain
And finding hope through sorrow's cost
In loss, we learn, and growth we gain
A tribute to the loved ones lost

Alone But Not Lonely—

Alone in the silence, I find my solace,
Embracing the stillness, in this empty space.
No one to hold, no one to call my own,
Yet in my solitude, my strength has grown.

Amidst the solitude, I find a serene peace,
A chance to reflect, to find my release.
Alone, but not lonely, in my own company,
I discover a world, beautiful and free.

The quiet whispers of my heart I hear,
In the solitude, I face my deepest fear.
Alone I may be, but not without grace,
For in my own presence, I find my place.

Here's to feeling all alone, yet so complete,
In the stillness, I find my greatest feat.
With freedom and courage, I now shall atone,
In this ode to feeling all alone.

Lessons You've Forced Me to Learn—

Painful rejection, you cruel and bitter sting,
A wound that cuts deep, an unbearable thing.
The ache in my heart, the tears in my eyes,
I long for acceptance, to quiet the cries.

You visit unbidden, an unwelcome guest,
Leaving me shattered, put to the test.
I question my worth, I doubt who I am,
Rejection, you're cruel, an unkindly sham.

But through the pain, I find strength to rise,
To face the world, and its endless reprise.
I'll not be defined by the hurt you bring,
For in my resilience, I'll find my wings.

Feelings of rejection, a harsh, bitter brew,
I'll rise and move forward, stronger and true.
I'll cherish the lessons you've forced me to learn,
And from feeling rejected, new courage I'll earn.

I Find a Strange Peace—

This despair, thou shadow upon my soul,
Thou heavy burden, dark and cold,
Thy presence looms, a relentless force,
Dragging me down an endless remorse.

In thy embrace, I find no escape,
But suffocating sorrow, an endless agape,
Thou art the weight upon my chest,
A relentless ache, a never-ending quest.

Yet in thy depths, I find a strange peace,
A melancholic solace, a bittersweet release,
For in thy embrace, I confront my fears,
And through the tears, find my strength to persevere.

You, despair, cruel and relentless foe,
Thou art the darkness from which I grow,
In thy deepest depths, I find my light,
And emerge stronger, from the endless night.

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