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Recovery from Emotional Deprivation for Neurotypical Partners in Neurodiverse Relationships

Dear NT Ladies, My heart goes out to those who are experiencing the symptoms of Cassandra Syndrome. In some cases, the NT wife has been emotionally deprived for so long that it’s to the point now where there are mental and physical ramifications. Stress, trauma and repressed emotions have made many of these ladies feel as if they are losing their mind – and they have definitely lost a part of themselves. They often say things such as, "I’m not the same person I used to be." This is why I felt strongly compelled to do this group (how could I NOT do it?). This is no way to live life, and a huge shift in dynamics has to happen. I’m not promoting separation or divorce, but I will be promoting ways for you to begin taking care of YOU. We will be doing some healing “emotional work” in our group.  We will be meeting one hour every week for four weeks, but you’re certainly welcome to continue as long as you need to. But the nice thing about this group is that the ladies can support o

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